Personalised counseling offered in relation to jewellery crafting with respect to diamonds, gold, silver or valuations, problems or designs.
If you have any questions, I am happy to offer you my experience and expertise.


Unique Products and Designs

This is my strength!
Individual production of unique pieces based on your wishes, ideas or templates from my existing collection. Everything is possible.
For my newest designs, I use "Ökogold" (Ecological Gold) exclusively and traceable gemstones from a known origin. Ethical values and enviromental awareness are important to me and my craft.


Rejuvenation of Jewellery

I will revitalise your old jewellery, wedding rings, pearl necklaces and any other pieces in your collection based on your wishes. From old to new!



I repair broken jewellery and necklaces of any kind as well as offer other services such as jewellery cleaning, refreshing and polishing.


Gold Trading

I buy your gold at current market rates.
Payments are made in cash or discounted against another service you choose.